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Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener and an interesting alternative to white sugar, especially due to its original taste and lower glycemic index. In addition to other sweeteners, such as xylitol or stevia, coconut sugar is becoming equally popular and is included in the diet of people who eat consciously. Palm sugar, as it is also called, tastes like brown sugar. It mostly consists of sucrose, but it also contains glucose and fructose.

Country of origin: Indonesia

Ingredients: Organic coconut sugar from coconut blossoms

Nutritional value in 100 g of product:

Energy value

– 1591 kJ/ 380 kcal;

fat – 0 g, including saturated fatty acids – 0 g;

carbohydrates – 95 g, including sugars – 86 g;

fiber – 1 g;

protein – 2 g;

salt – 0.135 g

Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place

Application: for direct consumption, as an addition to baked goods and drinks.

External appearance: loose form

Color: yellow-brown

Smell and taste: characteristic