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Spanish sage seeds, although they look inconspicuous, are a treasure trove of fatty acids that are valuable for health. Appreciated especially by people trying to lose weight due to their high fiber content. Their neutral taste allows you to create original desserts and cocktails. They go perfectly with plant-based milk and fruit. Chia seeds are the most valuable part of the plant called Spanish sage. At first glance, they resemble a poppy. They have an oval shape and are very small, the diameter of one grain is about 1 minimeter. Their color ranges from dark brown to black.

Country of origin: South American countries (e.g. Argentina or Paraguay or Peru)

Ingredients: Spanish sage

Additional information: Consumption of Chia sage seeds should not exceed 15g per day.

Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place.

Appearance: small seeds

Color: black and white

Taste and smell: typical, without foreign tastes and smells