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Erythritol is used as a sugar substitute. It is used both to sweeten tea and to bake homemade cakes. Moreover, this product can be used in the production of low-calorie jams, ice cream or jellies. In the food industry, erythritol is also used as a substance responsible for inhibiting taste, a product thickener and an aroma enhancer. It is also worth knowing that erythritol sugar is used in the cosmetics industry. In this case, it is mainly used as a substitute for glycerin, protecting the product against spoiling too quickly.

Country of origin: China

Ingredients: erythritol mesh 18-60, 20-30 or 30-60 (depending on the batch)

Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place.

Application: in the food industry

Appearance: crystalline powder

Color: white

Taste and smell: specific, characteristic