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Refined coconut oil has gained popularity and enjoys unflagging interest among lovers of oriental cuisine, as well as people who particularly care about their healthy appearance. It is obtained from coconut palm fruit and is characterized not only by its unusual taste and delicate aroma, but also by the content of medium-chain fatty acids, which are difficult to find in other plant products.

Country of origin Poland

Country of origin of the raw material: Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, India

Ingredients: refined coconut oil. Coconut (copra, i.e. the hard flesh of the coconut nut)

Product description: the product is a refined vegetable fat

Application: for food purposes

Additional information: the product does not contain dyes or preservatives.

Storage conditions: It is best to store in a dry and cool place. After opening, store in a cool place, preferably at a temperature from +8oC to +15oC.

Appearance: liquid, clear, uniform consistency at a temperature of 40/45oC

Color: white

Taste and smell: neutral, characteristic