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Pistachios are a delicious snack in themselves, but they are also a great addition to many dishes. They have not yet become a permanent presence in Polish cuisine, but they increasingly enrich the taste of cakes, desserts, cocktails and even meat dishes. They go perfectly with rice, asparagus and parmesan. Added to aromatic carrot, tomato or pumpkin soup, they will create an original dish.

Country of origin: USA or Iran

Ingredients: roasted pistachio nuts, salt

Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place.

Appearance: pistachio nuts in shell, roasted, salted. Shells opened naturally or mechanically. Nuts are clean, healthy, dry, free from live pests and visible mold.

Color: nucleus pink-purple outside, green-yellow inside. Peel and shell – beige to brown

Taste and smell: proper, without foreign odors and aftertastes.