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Cold-pressed coconut oil is characterized by a unique content of medium-chain fatty acids, which, if consumed properly, can help strengthen our immunity. Moreover, virgin coconut oil is considered a valuable cosmetic ingredient.

Country of origin: Philippines or Indonesia

Product description: VIRGIN unrefined coconut oil

Nutritional value in 100 g of product:

Energy value – 3673 kJ/ 893 kcal;

fat – 98.8 g, including saturated fatty acids – 92.8 g;

carbohydrates – 0.32 g, including sugars – 0.29 g;

protein – 0.7 g;

salt – 0.008 g

Production method: VIRGIN coconut oil is obtained from the white pulp (copra), fresh coconut palm fruit, which, after drying, is pressed at a low temperature (mechanical cold pressing). The resulting oil is filtered (e.g. by microfiltration) for purification. The oil is obtained without the addition of chemicals.

Storage conditions: in a tightly closed package, in a clean and dry place with little sunlight and free from odors, at a temperature below 22oC. After opening, store in the refrigerator.

Application: suitable for use in the food industry (for frying, baking) and for direct consumption, as well as an ingredient in dishes and other products.

Additional information: the change from solid to liquid consistency occurs at temperatures above 26°C

External appearance: white solid with a glossy surface (when stored below 26°C)

Color: white, characteristic of the product

Smell: intense coconut scent

Taste: typical, with a noticeable coconut flavor.